Create a bright future for yourself with us

We are not for everyone–and probably not even for you. We’re young but old-fashioned. If you live by the popular passions of the moment, or if you interpret everything that happens only at the most obvious level, then there are endless other firms for you. But probably not us.


Company Culture

We take company culture seriously. We practice and embody our virtues, from Honestas and Industria to Abundantia and Providentia. If you don’t know about these and the other virtues of antiquity, study them before reaching out.

Our Core Values

Dedication to Each Other

Remember when you were a kid and you and everyone else on your team pricked your fingers, shared your blood, and became “blood brothers”? Yes, so do we.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission. No, we’re not ridding the world of evil (we wish we knew how to!). But “saving one life is saving the world,” and we focus on helping individual people & teams.

Exclusively Inclusive

It’s all the rage to be “inclusive.” And we are inclusive for those who are worthy of being included in our team. If you’re not worthy, then we wish you the best of luck finding the right team for you.

Perks and Benefits

Work with us!

Senior Product Designer

We’re looking for a designer to join our team. Must be crazy about design but also understand data analysis and basic software dev. We require right brain and left brain talent.

Front & Back-end JavaScript Developer

We believe you shouldn’t specialize in only front- or back-end but you need to understand both well. It’s like learning a language and specializing in nouns but not verbs. Oh, and you must love languages, spoken and development languages.