How We Work: The Process


Get To Know You

Are we a good fit?
MSA, SOW & Legal
What process works for both of us?


Dive-In Head-First

Clarify Objectives
Step-Back War Strategy
Micro-Battle Plan Tactics


Execute with Intensity

Do, Tweak, Test, Optimize, Product Manage Production, Delivery, Over-communication Measure, Analyze, Report


Rinse, Repeat

Use Learnings & Data To Rethink Strategy & Tactics, Leading to Next Round of Execution

Oh, and of course our best-in-class
martech experience

Preferred Technologies

You need guys & girls who obsess over every little detail of your
marketing & advertising tech, top to bottom? We’re your team

Contracts & Pricing

Want to dive in to your situation and map out the win-win of how we can work together?