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206, 2021

Creating a Microsite for your PPC strategy

What’s the first thing we think about when we decide to run a Marketing Campaign to gain traffic for our websites? Well, hopefully, throwing a couple of Ads and creating a PPC strategy. But running a campaign is not always very easy, and there are usually a lot of things to figure out in order to make your Ads effective

2705, 2021

Creating a Microsite for SEO reasons

Recently, we’ve been discussing whether you should use a Microsite Strategy for Marketing purposes or not and the arguments for both sides. Among them, we found aspects revolving around targeting audiences, getting really specific, budget and time inquiries, and the one we are diving into today: Creating a Microsite to help your SEO strategy.  Having a Microsite that links to

1905, 2021

When Microsites meet Buzzfeed quizzes

So we’ve already started discussing whether is it a good idea for your business to create a Microsite for Marketing purposes or not, and we’ve already developed some of the utilities a Microsite could have, such as using it to talk about your competitors, so today we are bringing up another great advantage when it comes to this subject. If

705, 2021

Should I create a Microsite to talk about my competitors?

So the other day I was talking to an old acquaintance who happens to be the CMO of a well-known business (but we protect our witnesses here, so I won’t “spill the tea” for you) and was having big competitor trouble. Basically, their industry was having really big trouble in obtaining an input that was essential to them, and all

2804, 2021

Does it make sense for me to create a microsite for marketing purposes?

Building a big, complex, very real website takes a lot of time and money. You’ll probably have to hire a specialist and go back and forth for every functionality that you need. With this in hands, you’ll probably be wondering: Isn’t there an easy way to do it? Well, there sort of is, and that’s what we call Microsites, and

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