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501, 2022

Should I use a microsite to announce a new product?

For a while now, we’ve been talking a lot about different kinds of microsites, the different utilities they could have, the benefits they could bring, considerations to make before jumping into their creation, and how great a microsite marketing strategy could be. And the thing is microsites can really bring along a bunch of perks that make them a strategy

2611, 2021

When is it a microsite and when is it a landing page?

One of the main questions we should ask ourselves whenever we are thinking of building a microsite is a very simple one, that one should ask oneself facing pretty much any situation in life that requires any effort whatsoever: “is it worth it?” A very to-the-point question that can save us from A LOT of unnecessary drama, trouble, and resource

211, 2021

Should I create a microsite to showcase my awards and certifications?

Recently, we’ve been discussing many aspects about how you can implement a microsite strategy for your website — and if you actually should implement one. We’ve been going on and on about many useful ways to use this strategy, and on and on about some not so useful others. But the thing is microsites are a thing, and are probably

2010, 2021

Should I create a microsite for my company’s “about” page?

For a while now, we’ve been discussing the reasons why and the right methods to join the adventure of creating a microsite for marketing purposes. And the thing is this happens to be such a simple technique to implement (that if chosen wisely, of course), that it’s really hard to resist the temptation to just jump right into the creation

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