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408, 2021

Should I create a microsite for my community of users?

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about the many purposes of a microsite (or a family of microsites!) for my marketing strategy. We’ve been digging deep on the benefits that implementing this solution can have for our whole digital game, and which are the types of brands and companies that this strategy is best suited for. So basically, we’ve been

2107, 2021

Should I create Microsites for my different business units?

In the past few weeks we’ve been discussing all about why and how we should use a microsite strategy for marketing purposes, and everything that comes along with it. We’ve gone over benefits and drawbacks of microsite marketing, and we’ve dove into examples of different microsite strategies, and which one would be a better fit for your business. So today,

2007, 2021

Should I create microsites for my geographical divisions?

We’ve recently been discussing a lot about the marketing purposes that microsites can have, and which is the best strategy to up our games using them. Everything from SEO reasons, target audiences reasons, helping out your clients reasons, creating unbiased sites, and even creating deeply biased sites has been covered, so we thought it was time to dig in a

607, 2021

Is one microsite enough or should I create a family of them?

So recently we’ve been talking a lot about whether or not we should use a Microsite for Marketing purposes, and the many uses we can give to a Microsite of our own. And basically, we’ve dove into every tiny aspect of Microsites and how we can take advantage of them, so now we can start talking about our preferences when

2306, 2021

Should I create a Microsite to use it as my blog?

So recently we’ve been discussing a lot of many different possibilities to take advantage of creating a Microsite Marketing Strategy, and how there was a huge variety of alternatives when it came to the actual use we’ll be giving to our Microsite. As much as we’d love to dive into all of them and squeeze all of their juice as

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