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911, 2020

Using Microsites To Create SEO Gold

SEO 101 in 2020 is this: links, links, links. That was actually SEO in 2010 and even in 2000. Some things change very slowly. Yes, lots of other details matter a lot. In 2000, meta tags mattered. (Hint: they no longer do for SEO.) Today, social media matters. Content length matters. Content quality matters. Content frequency matters–yes, content is mattering

2910, 2020

Microsites can say publicly what you don’t want to say directly

One of my favorite advantages of microsite marketing is this: microsites give you a way to say things that you want to say and you want to get out there–but you don’t want your brand associated with having been the one to say that. What could you possibly want to say–and for the world to know–without wanting to be associated

1910, 2020

Rapid Marketing Experimentation with Microsites

Some of the uses of microsites for marketing are more prosaic, like for SEO purposes. But some are more fun. And one of the most fun uses of microsites is for marketing experimentation. Let me explain. First, let’s define a “marketing experiment.” By that I mean something a change in your marketing, that could be small, but could be big,

810, 2020

Using Microsites for Grey Hat Marketing

One of my favorite uses of microsites is for grey hat marketing. How so? Let’s dive in. First, what is “grey hat” marketing (also spelled “gray hat” marketing; I never quite understood why “grey” has two alternative spellings in English, and all the theories I’ve come up with leave me in a dark spot!). It’s marketing that’s not 100% kosher,

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