Have you ever been through a stage in life where you desperately need to buy or get something, and you have the resources to do it, but know nothing about it and are very likely to mess up? I can imagine this happens a lot with tech-related stuff, but maybe that’s just because I don’t really know a lot about tech-related stuff. So the thing is, last time I had to buy a computer, my brain was incredibly close to just shutting down because, even though I wanted and was able to get a new computer, I had zero idea about the kind of computer I should get, the features it should have, the capacity, among many other technicalities required to actually complete the buying process. Facing that situation, I thought to myself: what’s the point of losing so many purchases just because you don’t have a “buying a computer for dummies” section on your site? 

So today, buddies, we’ll be talking exactly about that: the benefits of creating a microsite to help your users learn about your product, understand it better and actually bring them closer to get it. Not only this will bring great benefits for your users, but also can improve your marketing strategy a lot, so let’s jump right in and see how this technique can help your brand, and what you should consider before choosing it! 

Does your product require further explanation? 

I guess we could make the point that there’s really no product that will be 100% known and understood by every single internet sailor, but of course, there are some products (tech-related, gastronomy instruments, sports gear, and pretty much anything else I know nothing about) that could use some more details. I believe this item is really up to the owner’s consideration, and how much they believe they could use a microsite to explain more about their products. Perhaps a microsite containing everything users need to know before buying can help if you work in an industry people tend not to know much about, but is really not the best fit if you sell a rather well-known product. 

Get more purchases! 

So let’s say you do sell a product people tend to be confused about, then who better to explain the insights to them than you? And obviously, the more informed your users are, the more likely they’ll be to actually complete the purchase and become your clients. Think about it this way: you invest in creating a microsite and fill it up with information you already know, and then very confused users, that may or may not come from your main website, see what you said and become more than prepared to actually go ahead and buy your products. 

It’s a great improvement for your brand’s reputation

Who wouldn’t want to be the good guy who helps everyone understand what product they should get? Having a whole microsite dedicated to helping your users choose their best fit, understand the differences among your products, give them tips and bonus information regarding the subject will definitely look awesome to your users’ eyes. If I had to choose who to buy a computer from and there was someone who, besides selling them, had a lot of information to help me make the best decision, I would definitely choose them.  Nowadays, having good quality products is really not enough to get customers, brand reputation is something that you should totally keep an eye on, and that this technique will help a lot. 

Will definitely help your SEO strategy

Think about it this way: you have a whole microsite empty and ready to be filled up with content, like a white linen for keywords, links, updates, and everything we know Google likes and rewards. And not just that, but also it’s a whole site talking about your industry and the products you sell, that also links constantly to your main website, so pretty much every SEO point the microsite gets, your main site gets it too. And of course, you should also take advantage of this opportunity to match your info with your products (for example, if you are like this, you probably should get a product with these qualities, and you can buy it right here!), which Google will also appreciate a lot, especially if you keep Google Shopping in mind while doing it. 

It’s also interesting to consider the effect that taking ads about that site will have on your main site. Because Google rewards anyone who launches Google Ads with SEO points, if you do take out ads for your microsite, that actually leads to your main site, then they both will benefit from it. 

Laser-target your audience!

Anyone who goes into your information-dedicated microsite, no matter if they come from your main site or not, will obviously be at least a bit interested in your products because why would they want to learn about it if they weren’t? So a microsite dedicated to just your product will work as a funnel for people who will be a good target for your ads. Managed placements have never been as challenging as they are these days, so why let the opportunity to increase their effectiveness go? Think about it like this: if you were able to gather all the people that may want to buy your product in just one room and show it to them, wouldn’t you do it? Well, this microsite could be just that room, except no one has to move to get there. 

So basically, the bottom line here is that a microsite to help your users understand your product better can be an awesome addition because, not only it’ll definitely get you more purchases, but also will help your marketing strategy. So, if you have the resources and your product could use some explanation (or even if it doesn’t), why not go ahead and give it a try? The worst thing that could happen is helping out just one dummy user like me.