Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how and why we should use microsites for marketing purposes, and for many other purposes as well. And we’ve also talked a lot about the many aspects to consider before jumping right into a microsite marketing strategy, so we really know 1) if we really should do it, and 2) what to expect when we do it. And these conversations have been great because now we know pretty much all there is to know about microsites, don’t we? 

So let’s say we decide to start a microsite marketing strategy, and we want to get started and build them right away. But then, we face a situation that we hadn’t thought about before: where should we start? And this is, more often than not, a very overwhelming question. Since we don’t really know how to begin the microsite journey, we probably will get frustrated or feel very very stressed about something that should’ve come along much easier. After all, what’s the use of microsites if they aren’t something rather easy to implement? 

So today we’ll be diving into that exact thought: to get started with my microsite strategy, first let’s find out how much effort should I put into it, aka, how perfect does my microsite need to be? So, in order to answer that question, let’s disclose it into a few small aspects: 

How essential is that microsite to your marketing strategy? 

As a general rule of the universe, the more essential something is, the more effort you’ll want to put into it. So if the microsite you are building is actually really important to your strategy and not just an accessory, then you definitely will want it to look as perfect as possible. Or at least as real as possible. Think about it like this: if you are eating beef with roasted vegetables, and the heart of the meal is the beef, you will definitely make sure that that’s the food that highlights and is better done. Of course, the veggies can be an awesome addition and can be very well done as well, but you will not care about them as much as about your core food. So, if you are looking to create a microsite that will be core to your strategy, then for sure pay attention to it and make it look as good as possible. What an analogy, huh? 

And of course, if your microsite is, in this case, the veggies, then you won’t need to put so much effort into it. If the site is a mere addition that really doesn’t make much of a difference, then feel free to create a very simple and quick site that just captures what it needs to capture, and leave the rest to the core-site. 

How sophisticated is your audience? 

Do you have an audience that’s very attentive to detail and obsessed with perfection? Then you should imitate them. If your audience really cares about how your site (or anything) looks (and works!), then you definitely should too. So, if you are creating a microsite that will be visited by your most sophisticated portion of the audience, then you definitely will want to put some (or a lot of) effort into it. If your audience values perfection, then you need to give them perfection. However, if you are targeting a very unsophisticated audience, that will not care at all about how well your site looks, then you definitely won’t care about making it perfect either. If your audience will not pay attention to the level of perfection your site has, then your success won’t change by making it look better, and you’ll be able to create a site that’s easier, quicker, and cheaper to build. So basically, learn to read your audience, and build something that works for them. 

How high-value is the target market?

Basically, the more high-value your target market is, the closer you’ll want your site to perfection to be. Think about it this way: better-looking sites are, in general, much more convincing than mediocre or bad-looking sites. So, if you are targeting a high-value market, then every visit to your site counts, and you’ll want to convince them right away. So investing in a good site that will really impact your user’s experience is definitely worth it. 

What are your lead purposes? 

What’s the main reason for your microsite? Are you trying to build a community with the people who visit your microsite? Are you just using it as an extra source of information for your users? Do you not even care about leads and are just building it for SEO reasons? All of these matter in terms of whom you are targeting, and what for. If your idea is to have people do something besides just reading or going through your site (such as buying something or subscribing somewhere), then you’ll need a site as convincing as possible, aka, a site that requires some more effort. If you are just building the microsite as an accessory or for SEO purposes, then it’s really not that important to make it look good, and you can just make a simple and quick microsite. 

How big is your market? 

This really doesn’t require so much explanation, does it? The bigger your market, the more competitive, the more you’ll want your site to stand out. So, if you are trying to make your way in a competitive industry, then putting some effort into creating a good, unforgettable website will probably not harm your strategy. 

So, the conclusion here looks pretty simple: how much effort should I put in? Well, it depends on who’s watching. If you knew you’d be running into Leo DiCaprio today, would you just leave your house wearing sweats? Well, I don’t know about you, but I for sure wouldn’t.