So recently we’ve been talking a lot about whether or not we should use a Microsite for Marketing purposes, and the many uses we can give to a Microsite of our own. And basically, we’ve dove into every tiny aspect of Microsites and how we can take advantage of them, so now we can start talking about our preferences when we’ve already chosen to actually have one. So today we’ll be discussing if one Microsite is enough for our strategy, or if we should create a whole family of them instead, and the pros and cons that both have.

The thing with Microsites is that there are so many uses that we can give to them, such as creating one to help your users find their fits, to use it as your blog, to help target your audience, among many other options, that sometimes having to choose just one of them can be a little bit difficult. And that’s why it’s always a good option to consider having not just one microsite, but actually a whole bunch of them so you can make the most of your microsite experience and squeeze all of their juice. So let’s dive into some of the aspects to consider before deciding on the strategy that we’ll choose, shall we? 

You can implement and track a lot of different ideas

Sometimes we have a situation where we have a whole bunch of ideas for our company’s website, but if we implemented them all together our websites would look like total messy chaos, and we wouldn’t want that to happen, would we? So, to solve this tricky crusade of filtering the ideas, you can totally go ahead and create a lot of different microsites. By choosing this strategy, you can assure that you’ll have a more organized family of sites where each will have its own role, and you will be able to track (for example, with platforms like Google Analytics) the activity and results in all of them. For example, let’s say you choose to create one microsite to use as a blog and another one to help users find their fit among your products, by tracking the activity in them you’ll be able to tell which one of these ideas was the one your users appreciated the most.

A good strategy can help your SEO 

By now, we pretty much have a degree on everything we can do to be at the top of Google search results, and it turns out that microsites are a really good way to get there. For starters, you have a whole new blank website ready to be filled up with all of your keywords, and you can totally have it linking to your own site and others. This way, not only you’ll up the microsite’s SEO game, but you’ll up yours by affiliation (if this site that’s all about linking to your site seems trustworthy and Google likes it, then how do you think that will look for your main site? Exactly, really good), and nowadays we really shouldn’t pass on the opportunity of being able to improve our SEO. So, if that happens with just one microsite, imagine the effects that it would have to have a whole family of them. So, if you are all about improving your SEO, you should definitely go for creating a whole bunch of microsites

It looks like a top-notch tech game

When people go to a company’s website, the first impression they get about the brand is totally based on how their site looks. Does it look clean? Sketchy? Professional? Classy? What can what we are seeing tell us about this brand? And this isn’t just a prejudice thing, this is really human nature (not to go all Hobbes with you). And since websites only have one chance to make a good first impression, we really have to make the most of them. So, if someone goes into your website and sees that, not only you have an awesome site, but you also created a bunch of micro ones to improve your users’ experience, it will definitely look like you are a really classy, dedicated, technologically advanced brand that really cares about their clients. And in today’s world, really any advantage we can have should be taken. 

You have to have the budget for it

Of course, creating just one specific microsite and creating five of them is not the same. Even if creating a microsite is a really quick and cheap thing to do, the situation changes when we start adding a lot of them. So, before jumping into the creation of your microsite-integrated family, you need to stop to consider if you have the time (in design, content creation, corrections, among other things to do and check) and the money to spend in their development. If you are a very busy person with a tight budget, then maybe having just one microsite will be the best option for you, and you can wait until some time before jumping into the creation of a bunch of websites. 

So basically, either creating one microsite or a whole family of them can be a good idea, and it really depends on what you are expecting from them. So, before you make a decision, I believe these are the main things that you should think about and consider. And hopefully, you’ll be creating the most suitable strategy for you, and having just the right amount of microsites needed for it.