For a while now, we’ve been discussing the reasons why and the right methods to join the adventure of creating a microsite for marketing purposes. And the thing is this happens to be such a simple technique to implement (that if chosen wisely, of course), that it’s really hard to resist the temptation to just jump right into the creation of a microsite to add to your main website.  

But today, we won’t be debating the general aspects of creating a microsite, but we’ll actually dive into a very specific type of strategy. So imagine you are a random user that goes into your company’s site. And let’s say this user really likes what you are selling, but since they don’t know your company too much they want to do some research in order to proceed with the purchase. And they go to your “about” page, but all they find is a 6 line long paragraph that explains briefly and with very little detail who you are, what you do, and why you should be trusted. And as happy as they came, they leave because, no matter how much they liked your stuff, they would never buy them from someone who can’t even take more than ten minutes to tell the world about them. 

So today, my dear readers, we’ll be diving into a strategy that’s getting more and more popular: why (and how) should you create a microsite to deep dive into your company’s details. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 

Looks trustworthy and dedicated 

As a rule of thumb for life in general, it is safe to say that websites that look more carefully built and maintained make users trust the brand more than the ones who look scammy and unattended. So, if you build an entire microsite dedicated to explaining to users what your company is all about, then how do you think that will come across? Yep, definitely very trustworthy. Users will know you care and you dedicate, and that you really are someone they should trust to get their products from. 

It’s good for your SEO 

We’ve already discussed how microsites are SEO gold mines, but having one specifically created to talk about your company, include a thousand keywords, and have all of that linked to your website is a whole different level of gold. Basically, think of your microsite as white linen ready for you to fill it up with everything you want, and for sure you’ll want all of that done in an SEO-oriented way.  

How fancy is it? 

The fact that a company’s website has its own specific site to talk about them really says something about the brand. It’s not only that users will appreciate it from the trust-worthiness point of view, but also that you are spreading the message that your company’s tale is worth having a separate site to be told. Think about the cool people you admire and how they write and sell their autobiographies, and then apply it to the website version of that. So, if you want the world to know how proud you are of your company’s story, and how classy you are, then definitely go ahead and give this technique a try. 

What should you include in it? 

Think of everything you would include in an “about” page, and then expand it to full awesomeness. Basically, anything you believe it’s worth telling about your company can be easily fitted in here. Let’s see some examples: 

  • What’s your company all about: what do you do, and why do you do it. Extra points if it also includes how you do it. 
  • Your corporate culture: what’s the glue that keeps it all together? Let users know what your company values and priorities. 
  • Your team: make your employees feel special by having them featured in your “team” section, and let users know who are the people behind. 
  • Your mission, vision, and values statement: pretty much every respected company these days includes a section for this statement, and the reason for that it’s that there’s nothing quite like this statement to know who this company is, what they are aspiring to become, and how they plan on getting there. 
  • Your company’s history: how did your company first start? How did you get where you are now? Let users know all about the process to get you to become this awesome. 
  • Your process and commitment: users will care about how you get things done, and how committed you are to getting results, so why not have a specific page to tell them about it? 

Laser-target your audience 

Who would care about deep diving into your company’s insights if they were not into your products? Pretty much anyone who visits your “about” microsite will be a potential client, and so your microsite will become an ant trap for potential customers. And all you have to do is just target anyone who’s visited the site, and wait for the magic to happen. 

So, in conclusion, it probably is very safe to say that this technique is really one of a kind. It helps your marketing, it helps your user experience, and it lets everyone know how awesome you are, and how much you care. So, if you have the time and budget to invest, then I would recommend you waste no more time and get started with your company’s microsite right away!