Recently, we’ve been discussing many aspects about how you can implement a microsite strategy for your website — and if you actually should implement one. We’ve been going on and on about many useful ways to use this strategy, and on and on about some not so useful others. But the thing is microsites are a thing, and are probably here to stay, so, if you haven’t yet, you might as well jump right in and find out which is the most suitable option for you. 

And today we’ll be deep diving into one of the most pretentious yet if correctly applied, successful techniques for your path in the microsite world. So, if your company is one of those companies who just can’t help but be continuously awarded, you might want to stick around for this one: how about creating a microsite specifically dedicated to letting people know how awesome you are, and how many other people think so too? Basically, how about creating a microsite dedicated to telling the whole world about the awards and certifications your company has received? 

So let’s picture this scenario: a random user from the internet is searching for a product that your company sells, and they’ve been bouncing through different sites searching for one that looks trustworthy but haven’t found one yet. Then they find your site, and not only do you have awesome stuff to offer but also have a separate site dedicated to showing possible clients how great and trustworthy you are. And right then your possible client knows it: you are a company like no other, and they want to take the next step and become your actual client. Wouldn’t you want this to happen to you? 

That’s why today we’ll be discussing how to and why to implement a microsite dedicated to showcasing your company’s certifications and awards. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 

How awarded your company is 

I know this sounds like a big “duh!” — but it’s not. I can’t begin to tell you about how many times I’ve run into sites with a specific “awards and recognitions” page featuring one lonely minor recognition from years ago. And hey, I’m not judging, everyone should feel proud of their accomplishments, regardless of how minor. But they definitely could have made one section on the front page for it and that’s it, but instead, they created a whole page all empty except for that one sign. 

So my point here is if you are considering creating a microsite for awards and certifications or recognitions, first make sure you have enough of them to fill it up. And also make sure that at least some of them are recent. 

It makes you look trustworthy and fancy 

How distinguished is it for a company to have a specific site dedicated to listing all the awards your awesome work has earned you? Yes, very. A company that’s dedicated enough to have a microsite just for that is not only going to look very trustworthy (because, well, you have recognitions that prove how awesome you do your job), but it will also look very fancy because they had the time and budget to create it (because they don’t know how quick and cheap it is) and made it look great. And who doesn’t want to work with the trustworthy and fancy guys? 

It differentiates you from your competitors

Another great outcome of the previous point is the fact that it really sets you apart from your competitors. In these times, where we are all so desperate to find the best comparative advantage, being able to look better just by creating a simple microsite is really something that you shouldn’t pass by so fast. Of course, users won’t just choose you because of this, but if they are between you with your awesome microsite and some other guy who has just one small section to list their 2 awards, then who do you think they’ll pick? 

SEO goldmine 

We’ve talked a lot about how microsites are great for your SEO, and a microsite for awards and certifications doesn’t fall far from the microsites tree. Basically, it’s a completely empty microsite dedicated to talking about your company, including thousands of keywords, links to your site, your case studies, your services, and literally anything that you’ve ever been awarded for. And we all know how much Google digs that. 

Laser target your audience 

 Again, like a lot of other types of microsites, this one can be helpful to target your ads to audiences who actually care about your company. Having a microsite to showcase awards and certifications it’s a great filter to see which part of the users that visit your site are actually invested in maybe becoming your client. Why? Easy, why would they care about your recognition if they weren’t interested in your company at all? Exactly. So if you are looking for a way to better target your ads or your email marketing campaigns, then who knows, this might also be a very interesting alternative to consider. 

So I guess the conclusion here is quite simple: microsites for awards and certifications are awesome. They look great, they aren’t very costly, and they place you in a better position in comparison to your competitors. So, if you actually have an interesting number of awards, then why not go ahead and jump right into this strategy?