Should your team’s commitment to virtuous behavior be a primary or secondary concern?

Yes, yes, of course, of course, you want your team to be good people. Who doesn’t? But this leads to three complex questions: What really is being a “good” person, particularly in the context of hiring a marketing/tech (martech) partner? How do you tell if the team is likely good […]

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Are security tools alone enough for OpSec-oriented marketing?

When normies think about Opsec–well, they don’t since they’ve never heard of it; but if they, say, read the Wiki page or knew the one-sentence summary of what the hubbub is about–they might be inclined to think that you just need the right set of tools, and then ensure they’re […]

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Incorporating CALI into OpSec-oriented marketing

One of the most basic principles of OpSec (insofar as it connects to marketing or not; more broadly speaking) are the CALI principles. In short, it is the following: You must always be alert to the fact that the business (or team) you’re competing against it going to be trying […]

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Digital Marketing & OpSec: More important than you may suspect

Operations Security (aka, OpSec) is one of the issues that half the world doesn’t know about; the other half knows about it (although unlikely by name) and makes minor and conventional head-nods towards adhering to its ideas, hoping that will be enough because it’s such an abstract and theoretical idea; […]

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