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610, 2021

Have you chosen your microsite’s use already?

Lately, we’ve been going on and on about the benefits that a microsite strategy could bring to your company, and the aspects you should consider before jumping right in. Of course, we’ve tried to dive in really deep in order to make sure you understand the many many things you could do with microsites, and especially how each one of

610, 2021

How much effort should I put into building my microsite?

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how and why we should use microsites for marketing purposes, and for many other purposes as well. And we’ve also talked a lot about the many aspects to consider before jumping right into a microsite marketing strategy, so we really know 1) if we really should do it, and 2) what to expect

1509, 2021

Creating a microsite for tips & information about your product

Have you ever been through a stage in life where you desperately need to buy or get something, and you have the resources to do it, but know nothing about it and are very likely to mess up? I can imagine this happens a lot with tech-related stuff, but maybe that’s just because I don’t really know a lot about

3008, 2021

Should I create a microsite to gather together my industry’s professionals?

So a few weeks ago there was a job opening in a friend’s manufacturer company, and he was having a really hard time finding someone adequate for the job. He kept going back and forth through job portals, LinkedIn, and even speaking with colleagues and friends of colleagues, but no one seemed to fit the right way with the kind

408, 2021

Should I create a microsite for my community of users?

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about the many purposes of a microsite (or a family of microsites!) for my marketing strategy. We’ve been digging deep on the benefits that implementing this solution can have for our whole digital game, and which are the types of brands and companies that this strategy is best suited for. So basically, we’ve been

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