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810, 2020

Using Microsites for Grey Hat Marketing

One of my favorite uses of microsites is for grey hat marketing. How so? Let’s dive in. First, what is “grey hat” marketing (also spelled “gray hat” marketing; I never quite understood why “grey” has two alternative spellings in English, and all the theories I’ve come up with leave me in a dark spot!). It’s marketing that’s not 100% kosher,

610, 2020

Are security tools alone enough for OpSec-oriented marketing?

When normies think about Opsec–well, they don’t since they’ve never heard of it; but if they, say, read the Wiki page or knew the one-sentence summary of what the hubbub is about–they might be inclined to think that you just need the right set of tools, and then ensure they’re used, and voila! Put 2FA everywhere and ensure everyone uses

510, 2020

Do Microsites need to be well-designed?

Here’s a common problem when planning or implementing a microsite marketing strategy: it’s fairly quick and easy to slap a template onto a website. But getting it from a template to a good-looking site requires a lot of time and focus. Is it worth it? Is it mandatory? As usual, the answer is “it depends” but let’s look at some

2409, 2020

How “Micro” should “Microsites” be?

When I talk about marketing-oriented microsites being micro, that suggestions a basic definitional question: what is micro, really, in the context of microsites? How small does small go? Why microsites and not nanosites? Well, while I had never heard the phrase “nanosites” before–until I just invented it now (and I’m not going to Google it to see if someone used

1509, 2020

Incorporating CALI into OpSec-oriented marketing

One of the most basic principles of OpSec (insofar as it connects to marketing or not; more broadly speaking) are the CALI principles. In short, it is the following: You must always be alert to the fact that the business (or team) you’re competing against it going to be trying to learn about your business, and then exploit what they’ve

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