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607, 2021

Is one microsite enough or should I create a family of them?

So recently we’ve been talking a lot about whether or not we should use a Microsite for Marketing purposes, and the many uses we can give to a Microsite of our own. And basically, we’ve dove into every tiny aspect of Microsites and how we can take advantage of them, so now we can start talking about our preferences when

2306, 2021

Should I create a Microsite to use it as my blog?

So recently we’ve been discussing a lot of many different possibilities to take advantage of creating a Microsite Marketing Strategy, and how there was a huge variety of alternatives when it came to the actual use we’ll be giving to our Microsite. As much as we’d love to dive into all of them and squeeze all of their juice as

1706, 2021

Using a Microsite strategy to get laser-targeted traffic

Recently, we’ve been going on and on about the many possibilities you have whenever you want to create a Microsite Strategy for Marketing purposes. But the Marketing industry is very wide, and it allows many different possibilities and paths to go through. Of course, this is a great quality, but it requires a lot of thinking and a lot of

206, 2021

Creating a Microsite for your PPC strategy

What’s the first thing we think about when we decide to run a Marketing Campaign to gain traffic for our websites? Well, hopefully, throwing a couple of Ads and creating a PPC strategy. But running a campaign is not always very easy, and there are usually a lot of things to figure out in order to make your Ads effective

2705, 2021

Creating a Microsite for SEO reasons

Recently, we’ve been discussing whether you should use a Microsite Strategy for Marketing purposes or not and the arguments for both sides. Among them, we found aspects revolving around targeting audiences, getting really specific, budget and time inquiries, and the one we are diving into today: Creating a Microsite to help your SEO strategy.  Having a Microsite that links to

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