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1409, 2020

What topics should your microsites be about?

Let’s say you want to pursue a microsite marketing strategy, and you work through general questions like “should we be public or not about the relationship between the sites” and then all the other subtle questions–then, you’re left with an interesting question: what topics should you create microsites about? The answer varies depending on your niche. But here are some

909, 2020

How many Microsites do you need for a comprehensive microsite marketing strategy?

So, you want to run with a microsite marketing strategy. Great! The first question everyone seems to ask is: “How many microsites do I need?” The answer is my favorite answer: “it depends.” But it depends on what? Let’s think through some of the variables to take into account. First, it depends on your budget. Let’s not be around the

809, 2020

Digital Marketing & OpSec: More important than you may suspect

Operations Security (aka, OpSec) is one of the issues that half the world doesn’t know about; the other half knows about it (although unlikely by name) and makes minor and conventional head-nods towards adhering to its ideas, hoping that will be enough because it’s such an abstract and theoretical idea; and a tiny, tiny, tiny number of people–who tend to

3108, 2020

How ‘Perfect’ should a microsite (built for marketing purposes) be?

One of the classic questions, when building a Microsite for marketing purposes, is this: how much effort should you put into building the microsite? Or said differently, how close-to-perfect should the microsites be (since the closer to perfect it is, the more effort is required)? The answer is, like so many of the first-level answers in life is this: it

2408, 2020

Why build a Microsite?

I’m biased: I’m a huge fans of building microsites as part of your marketing strategy. We’re such big fans that, over these last years, we’ve built over 470 of them for ourselves and our clients. I don’t think I’ve read we’ve read anywhere an argument for building microsites as a marketing and SEO strategy, but now is as good time

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